One reader emailed me with an interesting comment. She said she liked the book title but that the word “relentless” usually conveyed a negative connotation for her. Apparently she encountered the word mostly in less desirable contexts. I found her comment enlightening, especially since I’ve previously stated that “relentlessness” was a character trait I seek […]

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I guess it’s fashionable to write about thankfulness and gratitude this week. It’s too bad that we need a holiday to remind us of the incredible array of gifts we enjoy for which we need to be always thankful. I can’t possibly list the people for whom I’m thankful. But I’m especially mindful of the characters […]

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Why Relentless Grace?

When I tell people I’ve published a book, their first reaction is something between skepticism and astonishment. Once the shock subsides, they usually want to know what the book is about. That ought to be a relatively easy question. After all, I DID write it. I usually mumble something about my injury, but that answer […]

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The Perfect Title

One of the comments people make about RELENTLESS GRACE is that they like the title. I agree that the title perfectly captures the heart of the story, and I wish I could trace the precise process that created it. Frankly, I wanted to use Amazing Grace, but someone told me that idea was already taken.  I […]

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