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Help’s On The Way

It’s the other part of the story. As part of Suicide Awareness Month, we told the parable last time of a man standing in the 10th-story window of a burning building and terrified of heights. But when he’s certain no help is coming, when fear of the flames rises and …

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Fear And Falling

It’s Suicide Awareness Month. We see efforts across lots of media platforms designed to help us understand how pervasive this issue is and how many people suffer in often quiet desperation. Still, for those who’ve never experienced that sort of extreme despair, depression and suicide can be difficult to comprehend. …

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Remember The Next Step

Which way do we go? It’s a frequent question as we plan for FREEDOM TOUR 2020. Do we do same-old-same-old or something bold and brand new? It’s like standing at the edge of a cliff staring into an abyss of endless choices. How to decide? Sometimes we need to look …

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They’re Waiting

That’s what I’ve learned from the FREEDOM TOUR. Folks want to be generous. They want to do justice. They want to be part of big, crazy, adventures. They’re waiting for someone to ring a bell or call a meeting. They’re at the line, ready for someone to yell, “Go!” In …

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A Real Shortcut

“Just show us how to get the answer.” It was sort of a fun little dance. I’d encourage exasperated students to figure it out, they’d remind me that things would be so much simpler if I just showed them how to do it, I’d tell them “simpler” wasn’t the point. …

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Dream Season

I’ve been thinking about spirals. It’s Dream Season for the FREEDOM TOUR. As we wrap up and look back at 2019, we have a few months to let go of the details – routes, directions, meals, and fundraising. We get to look at the big picture, why we do it, …

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Wanna Go For A ride?

We enjoy sharing our journeys. Here’s a video look at Colorado Mountain Tour 2019. Four mountain passes and 16,200 feet of climbing in four days. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Can’t see the video? Click here.

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Pray And Do

Prayer has gotten a bad reputation. In our broader culture, I’ll pray for you has sadly become a hollow platitude. “Thoughts and prayers” has become a way of saying, “We feel kinda bad, but we probably aren’t going to do anything about it.” We’ve allowed the perception that prayer is …

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The Kid In The Back

We live in communities. Neighborhoods, towns, churches, families all can be places where people come together toward some common purpose. They can also be places of oppression, isolation, and inequality. I’ve thought a lot lately about community. Because it’s difficult, because we do these bike tours, because I spent 35 …

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Community And Circles

We completed two amazing tours. Community is hard. Whether it’s a bike tour/mission trip, a neighborhood, a city, a state, or a country, bringing folks together from different places, with different backgrounds and beliefs and different reasons for showing up, and asking them to work toward a common purpose takes …

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On our bike tours, we sleep in churches. Each night, generous congregations allow us to invade their space with coolers, sleeping bags, and cycling equipment. When we leave each morning we do our best to leave the spaces just as we found them, clean and ready for use. In Breckenridge, …

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Day one of the Colorado Mountain Tour. So far our team has played an intense game of wiffle ball and done a round of show-and-tell. We loaded and unloaded the trailer twice, and shared an amazing dinner catered by our friends in Buena Vista from an amazing organization called BV …