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We’re In The Way!

If we’re gonna get in the way anyway, we might as well be intentional about it. We might as well make it count.

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How Big Is Too Big?

We need to be sure we’re following the right dream, God’s dream. Once we’re confident our vision aligns with His, we can work together, do our best to figure out the details, and trust Him for the outcome.

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Let’s Go!

“Let’s go” says there’s value in the journey, that it’s not all about the destination. It says getting there quickly might diminish the experience, that we might even learn something along the way that clarifies and enriches the destination.

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I Wish I Wouldda…

Some questions weave their way into the fabric of the FREEDOM TOUR. “What do you think you’ll regret more in ten years – your failures or the things you didn’t try?” I talk to a lot of people about long bike rides. I’ve never met someone who regretted doing an …

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One Brick Outta The Wall

“I’d run through a brick wall for you.” It’s supposed to indicate commitment and enthusiasm, top-level motivation, a willingness to do the impossible. Kind of a silly image, though. Running into a brick wall, on purpose, is a waste of time and effort. It’s a token effort that accomplishes nothing, …

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We Shouldn’t Forget

I’ll always remember the day we snapped this photo. Our gathering on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial marked the conclusion of IJM Freedom Tour. Hugs and good-byes and pictures and tears…a bit like the last day of summer camp. We met the next day at the headquarters of International …

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Pure Religion

“Revelation is God’s Word, in all its forms…religion is how humans respond.” It’s a little simplistic, but I still remember feeling a bit gobsmacked by the notion that religion is human-created. I’d never really considered the idea seriously, but I sort of assumed there was something supernaturally-ordained in the rituals …

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Cool To Be Kind

“We can choose to be kind…rather than right.” Very cool guidance from an expert on dementia care – when dealing with someone who struggles to remember, we can give up our right to be right and choose kindness instead. Makes perfect sense. If someone simply can’t get it right, what’s the point …

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Come In. We’re Open!

FREEDOM TOUR 2019 is open for business. Okay, we don’t really have doors, so technically you can’t “come in.” Details, details. It’s a cool sign. It’s 2019. Time to plan for those glorious summer bike rides. Yeah, I know it’s cold and snowy. But you know it won’t be long …

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Here It Comes!

2019: A brand new year. Time for the lists. Best of. Worst of. Top 10. _____ of the year. And resolutions. There will be lots of resolutions, things to begin or end, to do more of or less of. Gyms will be crowded for a couple of weeks. Nothing really …

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It Doesn’t Matter. Until It Does.

“It’s not about dollars.” We say that a lot about the FREEDOM TOUR, and we’re serious. We’re about building community, following Jesus, doing justice. I spoke recently with Jonathan Barrett, CEO of Project Rescue. He agreed…it’s about the work, about educating, supporting, and building a couple dozen kids into whole, …

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Not How I Would Do It

A tiny baby in a manger. Vulnerable. Poor. Experienced gossip, injustice, discrimination. He could’ve come with an army of angels, but he chose to be born and to live among the marginalized and disenfranchised. Christmas isn’t about the conquering Savior. It’s about sacrifice and service and strength in weakness. It’s …