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Spasms Of Charity

Charity isn’t justice. “Victims of injustice do not need our spasms of charity. They need our legs and lungs of endurance.” Gary Haugen, President, International Justice Mission “Spasms” of charity. Homeless shelters. Soup kitchens. Short-term bandages on society’s bleeding wounds. Charity treats the symptoms of injustice while the root causes …

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We Can’t Show Pictures

The HOME OF HOPE requires security. Rescued children and their caretakers are prime targets for the ruthless criminals who buy and sell human beings. We don’t show our kids’ faces online, so this might surprise you. Here’s a photo of the HOME OF HOPE. I know, it’s tough to make …

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Zoom In

That’s my house! Ever look for your house on Google Maps? It’s kind of fun. At first you get something like this photo, a big maze of streets that doesn’t look much different than a map of any other neighborhood. But Google Maps has this amazing feature that lets me …

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Be Like Owen

This is Owen. Owen thought raising funds to support kids rescued from human trafficking was a good idea. Owen’s in 5th grade. He’s not a long-distance bike rider (yet). Instead of focusing on what he can’t do, Owen wondered what he could do. Owen set up a lemonade stand last …

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Why Or Why Not?

“Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not.” RFK borrowed the words from George Bernard Shaw and inspired a generation to question the status quo. The same question drives parents nuts as every inquisitive three-year-old asks “why?” Again…and …

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Teach A Different Question

Students learn what we teach. We teach, from the earliest ages, one central question. Kids learn it well, and suffer the consequences the rest of their lives. What’s Required? What’s it take to get an “A” (or a “B,” or to pass). What’s the minimum I have to do to …

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Wisdom And The Cheshire Cat

I’m a Lewis Carroll fan. He’s best remembered as the author of Alice In Wonderland, but he was also a mathematician who incorporated a good deal of logical argument into his writing. I used a lot of his writing in math lessons; Humpty Dumpty, The Mad Hatter, and The Queen Of Hearts always …

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What’s The Plan?

I don’t enjoy planning. Some people have a knack for visualizing a project and organizing the details into a clear, workable timeline. I’m not one of them. This personal weakness becomes more of an issue as the FREEDOM TOUR grows. I’ve been doing some combination of half-heartedly trying to get …

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She Has A Name

The bad guys in the movie all looked alike. Becky and I noticed we had trouble keeping track of the villains. We knew the good guys, but the crooks sort of blended together. It’s not an accident. Stanford Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky says our brains are actually hardwired to dehumanize those …

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As If

So often, I think, we wait until the right time, until we’re ready, until the obstacles are all removed so it’ll be smooth sailing. And Jesus says, “Follow Me, right now. Trust Me and we’ll work it out as we go.”

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Been There. Done That.

Despite all he’s seen, all he’s endured, John Lewis stands strong on his principles and refuses to punch back at the bullies. He simply won’t answer hate with hate.

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Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Rudy Project isn’t a movie. It’s an organization that believes in doing well so they can do good. They’ve joined us to offer an amazing deal on their remarkable gear – and a donation to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.