Way To Go!

Have you seen the movie FORREST GUMP?

At one point, Forrest starts running. He just runs, and doesn’t stop. Eventually people join him and cheer him on. The rally cry becomes, “Run, Forrest, run!”

Today felt a bit like that. We had a nice article in the La Crosse Tribune Thursday morning. Thursday evening we were featured on the local CBS news program (Please click the link if you don’t see a video. Sorry about the 15 sec. ad).

It’s all fun, and helps spread the message of hope that’s the reason we’re doing this. A side effect was that our shiny yellow bike became fairly recognizable in a relatively small town.

So when we started riding from downtown La Crosse, folks started waving and honking car horns. We saw lots of “thumbs-up” signals. Several drivers shouted greetings.

No one shouted, “Ride, Rich, ride,” but it was still kinda cool.

Then, as I rolled south onto a beautiful road along the river, a cyclist pulled alongside and joined the ride. He’d been waiting along the route he found on www.richsride.org. All day people waved and honked and shouted encouragement.

Everywhere Bexky stopped, people commented. Drivers actually drove ahead of me and stopped to chat and express their interest.

Pretty fun, huh?

Of course, that’s not the point. This project isn’t about me and it’s certainly not about me getting attention.

But it’s evidence that the word can spread, that people pay attention. It’s evidence that people respond to a positive message, to a big dream, to the promise of hope.

When you tell others about Rich’s Ride, you’re not telling them about me. You’re telling them that hope changes what’s possible. You’re inviting them to become involved in something important, something bigger than one person.

Here’s what I told kids this week: don’t send a link. Send a link and begin a conversation. Use the opportunity to engage and listen. Build a relationship as you build the project.

Expand the circle.

What if people all around the world started talking about hope? What if the needs of starving children touched hearts everywhere?

Then we could all wave and smile and shout, “Way to go!”

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4 thoughts on “Way To Go!

  1. jim haywood - September 28, 2011

    Way to go Hollywood!! We love this. Jim and Sharm

  2. Paulette Dixon - September 26, 2011

    Enjoyed the TV spot they had on you. They sure do love Monte!
    Tell Becky hello from us. Love you guys!!!

  3. Scott Kissel - September 24, 2011

    Dixon’s, It has been so fun to read your daily posts and hear about all that God is doing! We here in CO are so proud of you and are privileged to call you friends. We are praying for as you continue this incredible journey. We look forward to hearing all about it when you get back home. As I tell everyone here at church, I now remind you……Remain strong, faithful, and prayerful!

  4. Laura McLellan - September 24, 2011

    What a great message Rich! You are an amazing person – what a gift you have been given and what a gift you are giving…the gift of hope! We enjoy “following” your journey online and will continue to pray for safety and joy in your journey! p.s. We meet you in Otsego Minnesota, at the park with all the homeschoolers! Take care, Laura

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