How Can I Get Involved?

Posted on: July 22, 2011 Posted by: Rich Dixon Comments: 3

How Can I Get Involved?

That’s a great question. Obviously this project is bigger than any one–or two or a dozen–individuals can manage. Beyond that, we want to offer as many folks as possible the opportunity to contribute and participate.

Here are some areas in which we know we’ll have some needs:


We need people to ride with Rich for a few days at a time. We also need help with SAG duties along the route.

Speaking Contacts

Do you know someone in a city along the route? How about helping us make a contact and arrange an event at a church, community service group, or school?


Do you have a heart for CONVOY OF HOPE and their mission to feed needy children around the world? What if we could use this project to raise some insane sum–and have it matched by their corporate sponsors? Have you ever felt like you can’t REALLY make a difference in such a huge issue as world hunger?

Perhaps this is an opportunity to change your mind.


We need to produce some video footage for specific audiences.

Social Media

We need folks who love Facebook and Twitter and who’d like to help us spread the word about this project. Imagine tens of thousands of people around the world following and contributing–you could help make that happen.

See something intriguing? Send me an email and let’s see how you can get involved.

And if you just can’t wait to make a pledge: Here’s our donation page.

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