Thanks For Joining Us

If you’re one of the folks who joined our little circle in the past few days, welcome.

The ride begins in six weeks!

We’re busy doing what feels like a million things at once to get ready. One major task, of course, is getting my old muscles in shape for the adventure. I did a little over six hundred miles in July, and I’ll need to  increase that by at least 25% in August.

However, my training got a significant boost today. I took my initial serious ride on my new bike.

Here’s a photo of my new yellow bike next to my 20,000 mile veteran. It’s lower and more aerodynamic, and places me in a much better body position for riding. Like anything new, it’ll take an adjustment period, but I can already feel how much more comfortable and efficient it is.

Sometime soon I’ll give you a video tour and show you all of the cool high-tech features on my new toy.

Getting involved

Several of you have asked about taking an active role in this project. We absolutely want to encourage you to get involved.

You can find a few suggestions here. Right now we’re especially interested in finding people to ride along for a few days. If that’s a possibility for you, check the schedule, send me a message, and let’s spend a few days together enjoying the scenery.

We’re happy to have you along for the ride. Something great is going to occur, and we’re going to be in the middle of it.

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