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Pray And Do

Prayer has gotten a bad reputation. In our broader culture, I’ll pray for you has sadly become a hollow platitude. “Thoughts and prayers” has become a way of saying, “We feel kinda bad, but we probably aren’t going to do anything about it.” We’ve allowed the perception that prayer is …

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The Kid In The Back

We live in communities. Neighborhoods, towns, churches, families all can be places where people come together toward some common purpose. They can also be places of oppression, isolation, and inequality. I’ve thought a lot lately about community. Because it’s difficult, because we do these bike tours, because I spent 35 …

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Community And Circles

We completed two amazing tours. Community is hard. Whether it’s a bike tour/mission trip, a neighborhood, a city, a state, or a country, bringing folks together from different places, with different backgrounds and beliefs and different reasons for showing up, and asking them to work toward a common purpose takes …

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On our bike tours, we sleep in churches. Each night, generous congregations allow us to invade their space with coolers, sleeping bags, and cycling equipment. When we leave each morning we do our best to leave the spaces just as we found them, clean and ready for use. In Breckenridge, …

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Day one of the Colorado Mountain Tour. So far our team has played an intense game of wiffle ball and done a round of show-and-tell. We loaded and unloaded the trailer twice, and shared an amazing dinner catered by our friends in Buena Vista from an amazing organization called BV …

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Two ways to create a culture. Method #1: Highlight bad behavior and make a rule. “Don’t do that.” You see the problem, right? We do it all the time, in reality TV and politics (is there a difference?) and the legal system. Media shines a spotlight on the bully, the …

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But What About?

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know I’m not fond of rules. Control, coercion, punishment…as a teacher I found those to be pretty ineffective ways to run a classroom. The more rules you have, the more time you spend enforcing rules instead of doing important stuff. I learned later in …

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Front Range Tour Video

I’m never quite sure how to summarize a tour experience. One way is a video. I hope you enjoy this brief look at Front Range Tour 2019. Can’t see the video? Click here.

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The folks at Harvest Farm are a special part of the FREEDOM TOUR community. Each year since 2015, we’ve invited men from the farm to join us on the initial stage of the Front Range Tour. For those who don’t cycle a lot, a 58-mile ride – on a hot …

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I might have mislead you. You’ve read the last two days about a crash and getting lost, and you might think our team is the gang who can’t shoot straight. Truth is, this tour has gone incredibly well. That’s kind of how it is though, with bike tours and with …

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Monday we managed to get lost. Not quite sure how you get lost on a path you ridden several times before, but we did it. At the end of the day, we wrote it off as a great team building exercise. When you take off on an adventure like this, …

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Front Range Tour 2019 is off to an on usual start. Saturday, we get rained out. In seven years that’s never happened. Part of the group got in a little bit of a ride later in the day, but we had to cancel Cheyenne to Fort Collins. Sunday we got …