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Choices That Define

If I’ve learned anything from the accident that confined me to a wheelchair, it’s the principle that my journey is not the product of luck or fate or blind random chance. The path I follow is determined by my choices.

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The Illusion Of Normal

I’ve been following the progress of two friends who currently struggle with life-altering medical situations. Both express their grief over the loss of “normal life.” I’ve been there; paralysis destroys anything resembling normal. I wasted many years lamenting the fact that I’d never be “normal” again. I’ve learned slowly and …

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Living Intentionally

A teacher stood before his class. On a table the students observed a large glass jar and a pile of fist-sized rocks. He carefully placed as many rocks into the jar as possible and asked the students to acknowledge that no more rocks would fit. Then he reached under the …

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Happy New Year?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s one of those perfunctory greetings we exchange for a few weeks, often without really thinking. What’s it mean? If you recently lost your job, your house nears foreclosure, or a relationship just ended painfully, do I really expect your new year to begin “happily?”

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“Real pressure is when you are asked to do something you are not prepared to do.” ~ Lou Holtz I thought about this quote when a reader asked, “What’s the one thing that kept you going when you wanted to quit?” I immediately felt a bit of pressure, because I …

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A Light In The Darkness

I suspect we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of negative news. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of so much despair. I don’t wish to ignore the very real problems we confront, but I also don’t want to dwell needlessly on doom …

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What Do You Say?

What do you say to someone who’s feeling hopeless and asks for your help? This isn’t a rhetorical question. We all encounter family members and friends who have lost hope. They struggle to cope with financial uncertainties, job loss, or the prospect of losing their home. They confront the reality of death or illness. …

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What Does It Mean?

“I cried all the way through your book. It is an incredible love story.” That kind comment from a reader of Relentless Grace highlights an interesting aspect of writing: words may mean one thing to the writer and quite another to each member of the audience. I’m fascinated by the assortment of thoughts and emotions prompted …

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I’m learning that an important part of releasing a book is accepting feedback. It’s a great lesson in humility. Every sentence of the story obviously means a great deal to me. Those fifty thousand words were written, revised, edited, and revised again in an attempt to clearly communicate my thoughts, …

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill Last night I spoke to a group of men at a drug/alcohol recovery center in Denver. Those guys know about adversity. I was struck by their overwhelming preoccupation with the past. In the process of acknowledging and owning their mistakes, they …

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Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. ~ Christopher Reeve I dislike the abrupt endings that characterize holidays. There’s all that time of preparation and anticipation, then the big day comes and goes and we flock back to the stores. Thankfulness suddenly turns to tragedy as bargain hunters trample the poor guy assigned …

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One reader emailed me with an interesting comment. She said she liked the book title but that the word “relentless” usually conveyed a negative connotation for her. Apparently she encountered the word mostly in less desirable contexts. I found her comment enlightening, especially since I’ve previously stated that “relentlessness” was …