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Please Meet Two Slightly Crazy New Friends

We meet a lot of interesting people on amazing journeys. I’m not sure anyone will top the story of Sylvester and Nate from Long Road To Freedom. All they’re doing is cycling from Seattle to Key West, seeking opportunities to serve, and raising awareness about human trafficking. Some other tidbits: …

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Does Believing Make It Real?

Believing we live in a just world does not mean we live in a just world. RICH’S RIDE seeks to raise awareness about social justice causes like Project Rescue, Convoy of Hope, and Teen Challenge. Awareness, by itself, changes nothing—but without awareness, nothing changes. So if people believe slavery doesn’t …

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Are You Willing To Leave The Neighborhood?

“Trust God for the results.” I find myself using that phrase a lot lately. Perhaps it’s a season in which I need to remember to focus on what I can control and release what I can’t. The complete phrase is “Work hard and trust God for the results.” What I …

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Hope When You Can’t See It

Robin Williams died earlier this week. It’s difficult to find anyone who knew him who didn’t love and respect Williams and acknowledge him as a kind, humble, respectful spirit. The sense of loss of this wonderful man is compounded exponentially by the horrible manner in which he died. The questions …

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Monte’s Ideas About Teamwork

These thoughts from Monte, service dog and occasional guest blogger, originally appeared in October, 2011. # # # I’m trying to figure out my role in what’s happening. You all know we’re doing this thing called Rich’s Ride. For me it’s not that big a deal, because I just do …

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How Would You Answer This Question About Fear?

I love unexpected questions. Mostly. The guys in my seminar at Harvest Farm make me think. I love it, though there are times I wish I had a PA– USE button. We were discussing fear. I said, “One of the Enemy’s most powerful lies is ‘You have to REACT to …

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Do You Live On Purpose?

Do you ever stop and consider why you’re doing what you’re doing? This weekend our pastor challenged us to assess our choices regarding time, talent, and treasure. Yeah, yeah, same-old-same-old, heard it a hundred times—until I thought back to an exercise I completed last week. WISCONSIN HOPE TOUR ’14 In …

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Adjust The Spokes

In cycling terminology a wheel that’s perfectly round with no wobbles is called “true.” Last time we talked about using a cycle wheel as a metaphor for serving others. Today’s video looks at some lesson we can learn from applying the metaphor to the process of adjusting a mis-aligned wheel. Can’t see …

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Wheels, Circles, And Jesus

I love good metaphors, and I especially appreciate metaphors that involve circles. When the circle happens to be a wheel, in my view you’ve got the perfect metaphor for a blog about cycling. Two years ago, our friends at Venture Expeditions shared an image involving the parts of a bicycle …

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Bike Computers and New Beginnings (Video)

Monte and I ride and run about three miles together most mornings. We invite you to share this beautiful trip through our neighborhood and consider some thoughts about bike computers and new beginnings. Can’t see the video? Click here. Please leave a comment here.

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Why Not Enjoy The Ride?

“I wish they’d cancel practice today.” I used to chuckle when students in my classes complained about a team practice. “If you don’t like the sport, why’d you join the team?” I used to have the same internal debate with myself before a training ride. I’d procrastinate as though handcycling …

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You Can’t Do It On Your Own

It’s kinda fun to wear matching jerseys just like the members of a real cycling team. Of course we didn’t have a high-tech team bus with sponsor names plastered on the sides. Our team didn’t have specialized climbers, sprinters, time trialists, or domestiques (the riders who assist the team leaders). …