Extra Weight

Cyclists deplore extra weight.

Serious riders go to great lengths – and spend lots of money – to remove every unnecessary ounce. Especially during climbs, seemingly small grams make a big difference.

So it’s a big deal when we ask every FREEDOM TOUR participant to carry two stones with them during the journey.

It’s a FREEDOM TOUR tradition. Our stones incorporate multiple meanings.

First, intentionally carrying a small amount of extra weight is a symbolic burden. We’re reminded of the heavy burden endured by trafficking victims. Each time we feel those stones in our pockets, we remember that cranking up hills is easy compared to the physical and psychological pain our kids – and their mothers – experience.

In addition, each stone carries its own significance.

We ask each person to find one ugly, gnarly stone. During the ride it symbolizes a personal load carried too long, one the rider might be ready to release and give to God. As they carry that stone, riders can recall Jesus’ invitation, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Near the end of each tour there’s a ceremony, usually at the top of a pass. Each person can throw their nasty rock away and ask Jesus’ help in traveling a bit lighter.

The beautiful HOPE ROCK symbolizes the hope our kids experience in their lives at the HOME OF HOPE. It also represents to each rider something personal, something important to be remembered and taken home once the ride is finished.

In one of our concluding activities, the team forms a circle. Each person explains the personal meaning of the HOPE ROCK and what they hope to recall from our time together.

+ + +

The beautiful 2020 HOPE ROCKS were crafted with love by Cindy Dalton, The Imperfect Potter.

Each rock is a one-of-a-kind art piece featuring “hope” and the FREEDOM TOUR mountains on one side, and handprints reminding us of the kids we’re supporting on the other.

How about carrying a HOPE ROCK with you as you ride, run, or walk to remind you of the kids? And maybe pass one along to someone who needs a little hope in these challenging times. Your donation supports the children at Project Rescue’s HOME OF HOPE.

PURCHASE YOUR HOPE ROCK and volunteer to carry a bit of extra weight.

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