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We’re In The Way!

If we’re gonna get in the way anyway, we might as well be intentional about it. We might as well make it count.

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How Big Is Too Big?

We need to be sure we’re following the right dream, God’s dream. Once we’re confident our vision aligns with His, we can work together, do our best to figure out the details, and trust Him for the outcome.

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Pure Religion

“Revelation is God’s Word, in all its forms…religion is how humans respond.” It’s a little simplistic, but I still remember feeling a bit gobsmacked by the notion that religion is human-created. I’d never really considered the idea seriously, but I sort of assumed there was something supernaturally-ordained in the rituals …

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Come In. We’re Open!

FREEDOM TOUR 2019 is open for business. Okay, we don’t really have doors, so technically you can’t “come in.” Details, details. It’s a cool sign. It’s 2019. Time to plan for those glorious summer bike rides. Yeah, I know it’s cold and snowy. But you know it won’t be long …

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It Doesn’t Matter. Until It Does.

“It’s not about dollars.” We say that a lot about the FREEDOM TOUR, and we’re serious. We’re about building community, following Jesus, doing justice. I spoke recently with Jonathan Barrett, CEO of Project Rescue. He agreed…it’s about the work, about educating, supporting, and building a couple dozen kids into whole, …

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Show Your Work

Setting: A middle school math classroom Student: “I got the correct answer. Why didn’t I get all the points for this problem?” Me: “I already knew the answer. I want you to show me how you got there. I want to know your process, what you’re thinking.” Student: “That’s not …

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Just Do It?

Folks join the FREEDOM TOUR with all kinds of backgrounds. Some have done multiple tours and have tons of experience with group cycling. Others have never been part of a group ride. We love that variety. It’s a blast bringing people together and watching them become team. It’s a process, …

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It’s Really Pretty Simple

Did you watch CNN Young Wonders? Five remarkable young folks are making a difference. They remind us it’s possible to change the world by simply by doing what they can, where they are, with what they have. One of them was asked for advice. Her reply: Start small. Invite your friends. …

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DQ Drive Thru

“Where’s Larry?” On a toasty day, the team stopped for some rest and water. As they enjoyed the shade in front of a strip mall someone noticed a missing rider. Larry has this tendency to travel his own path (some would call it “wandering”). So no one was especially concerned …

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It’s Not About The Hashtag

Today is #GivingTuesday. Sort of odd, in a way, to set aside a day to be generous with its own cool hashtag, but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe it’s like Thanksgiving, not a special day to be thankful but a day that reminds us to always be thankful. So …

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It’s Too Crowded

“Nobody goes there any more, it’s too crowded.” Yogi Berra offered, in his unique style, a humorous review of a popular nightspot. As holiday shopping begins in earnest, Yogi’s upside-down analysis reminds me of my impressions of the crowds, lines, and occasional confrontations connected to the Great American Tradition known as …

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Fruit Salad

Are you a plum…or a banana? Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Great advice for you and me as we navigate a world of often-picky fruit lovers. If you are the world’s finest plum and someone you love does not like plums, you have the choice of …