Tour? Or No Tour?

How do you do a tour, when you can’t do a tour?

FRONT RANGE TOUR 2020 kicks off this week, but with COVID-19 it’s not smart for a bunch of sweaty cyclists to invade a new church every night for 5 or 6 nights. However, we still want to ride bikes together, and the kids at the HOME OF HOPE still need our support.

So we can’t give up, and we can’t do a tour. What do we do?

A Stay At Home Tour

How do you do a “tour” if you stay at home? Well, it helps if you live in a beautiful, bike-friendly place like Fort Collins. You just create four wonderful loops. Start and end each day at the same spot. Spend your time cycling and meeting people all over Northern Colorado, telling them about how Jesus is caring for the kids at the HOME OF HOPE and we get to help.

You still get to build a team and make new friends. You still get to ride bikes and experience God’s creation. It’s a tour…that’s not a tour.

So we’ll gather and get to know each other, and Wednesday morning we’ll take off on the first day of our stay-at-home tour. We’ll post some photos and I’ll try to let you know what’s happening.

The pandemic has changed a lot. It hasn’t changed what’s important. It may be difficult, but you and I can still find ways to do the work that matters.

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