An Introduction

I’d like you to meet someone.

Cheyenne likes to run. When we launched the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE, she committed to run 150 miles to support the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

Cheyenne wanted to make her miles go ever farther, so she’s asking friends and family to donate and support her effort.

I’m so inspired by Cheyenne and by all the other people who’ve committed to run, walk, or cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking. Tens of thousands of miles, but that’s not the point. Thousands of dollars, but that’s not the point, either. Not really.

A group of people like Cheyenne, willing to work together (even when “together” looks different), doing our best, and trusting God for the outcome.

Trusting God for the outcome – that’s the point.

+ + +

If you walk, run, or ride a bike, why not join us? It’s not about the miles, it’s about making the miles count for something bigger than yourself.

Click the link and choose your HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE.

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