People Like Us

Jesus asked 12 friends to share His teaching.

No social media. Hostile government. Actively oppressive religious establishment. Didn’t matter.

Friends told friends who told friends, and the good news of Jesus spread across the world. It’s the way ideas spread. Always has been.

“Here’s Jesus. Here’s who He is. Come in, everyone’s welcome.” The entire focus was Jesus – no time for fussing about “them,” about obstacles, opposition, even persecution.

People like us talk about things like this.

+ + +

I’ll confess to getting caught up in a bit of lament about COVID-19, how it’s made things tougher for the HOME OF HOPE. They made things worse, right? The media. The government. My grumpy neighbor. It’s their fault. If only they would have…

Then I ride my bike, and reflect. And re-focus.

Since 2013, including so far this year, the FREEDOM TOUR community has donated more than A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE.

God continues to be faithful. We work together and trust Him for the outcome.

People like us talk about things like this.

+ + +

Right now, a bunch of people are walking, running, and cycling to raise funds and awareness for kids rescued from human trafficking. They’re doing what they enjoy and making their miles count for something bigger than themselves. Many of you are already involved, and we’re grateful.

How did so many people get involved in the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE? Friends told friends who told friends.

Do you know someone who walks, runs, or rides a bike…and cares about human trafficking? Please tell them, and encourage them to join us.

People like us talk about things like this.

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