I don’t stop enough.

Odd comment about bike riding. Usually we think keep going, just a little more, you can do it. DON’T STOP. It’s easy, especially on a bike, to roll on with that mindset until you’ve cranked a lot of miles.

Yesterday I was huffing and puffing my way up a significant climb. Nearly to the top, and my phone rang. Usually when I’m riding I don’t answer. But I was sort of expecting an important call and my poor old arms were weary. So, I stopped.

After the conversation, I took the opportunity to catch my breath, look around, and snap this photo. I smiled as I looked down at the road – way down there! – I’d been on a few moments earlier.

It’s a hill I’ve climbed many times. If not for the phone call I wouldn’t have savored this moment and taken this picture. I wouldn’t have stopped.

We can’t stop all the time. We’re working out, getting stuff done, covering miles and earning a living. Too much stopping at the wrong times is inefficient, unproductive, and maybe even lazy. But…

Head-down, get-it-done, no-distractions-allowed…doesn’t work, either. In the long term, we need to take some time to appreciate the journey.

It’s one reason I appreciate the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE. We’re encouraging everyone to share pictures and bring attention to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. And I guess if I’m pushing others to do it, I need to follow my own advice.

Whatever we do, it’s important to work hard and do our best. It’s also important to stop.

+ + +

Please join us. People across the globe are choosing to walk, run, or cycle and make their miles count for God’s big story of justice.

Take the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE today. Get some exercise and support some very special children.

And don’t forget to stop.

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