Write A Better Story

I keep hearing this will be the summer with nothing to do.

Everything’s cancelled. Summer camps, organized sports, vacations, pools, rec programs. An entire summer, cancelled.

Maybe not. Depends on the story we tell ourselves. Here’s a brief parable.

+ + +

In 2011 Becky and I planned a bike ride. I would crank my handcycle 1500 miles along the Mississippi River. Becky would do the hard work – support, meals, lodging arrangements, loading and pulling the trailer, finding me when I got lost…

It was supposed to be “just” a bike ride, but our wise friend Dick Foth advised us to view our plan as a small part of a bigger story. The new narrative grew and changed and eventually became eight years of the FREEDOM TOUR, more than 600 cyclists and $250,000 raised for kids rescued from human trafficking.

It was supposed to be just a bike ride. Everything changed because we told ourselves a different story.

+ + +

We created the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE because you and I don’t have to be characters in the story of a cancelled summer. We can write a better script.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE and you’ll get yourself, and maybe your kids or grandkids, walking, running, or riding bikes. You’ll set and work toward a goal. And your miles will count for something bigger than yourself.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE and you’ll bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking. You’ll re-frame the passive story of “nothing to do” into one of exercise and service.

What will you choose to tell yourself about this summer? It’s your story.

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