Back in the old days – three or four months ago – bike tours involved groups and maps.

Everyone meet here. Go that way. Turn left at the second light, right at the highway, and stay together. We even had electronic gizmos to keep us on course.

So what happens in a new world? What do you do when the old charts don’t work?

You realize pretty quickly that it was never about the map. 

It was always about a community of people working together and trusting God for the outcome. About bringing hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking.

+ + +

This pandemic has many of us feeling stuck. In the chaos, the old maps don’t work. Without familiar landmarks it’s not clear which way is “forward.” Getting un-stuck and navigating intentionally requires a clear sense of direction.

When we want to avoid wandering aimlessly but we’re not sure which way to go, we need true north. We need a direction to guide our steps regardless of location or terrain.

We need a compass. We want to move toward justice for victims, toward setting things right for the marginalized.

SEEK JUSTICE is our compass.

The HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE is a way to follow that compass. You decide whether you’ll walk, run, or ride. You pick the route, track your miles, use fancy gadgets or don’t. Listen to music, wave to neighbors, talk to God.

We’ll all do this thing differently, but we’ll all be together, working to set things right, seeking justice.

I really hope you’ll join us. It’s easy. You’ll get some exercise and a cool t-shirt.

Wherever you run, or walk, or cycle, you’ll move the kingdom a few miles closer to justice.

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