You Can Make A Difference

Last time I promised an exciting announcement.

Can you walk, run, or ride a bike?

Would you like to do something this summer to make a difference for children rescued from human trafficking?

Would you like to walk, run, or cycle – and make your miles count for something bigger than yourself?

We invite you to take the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE.

It’s easy to make a difference.

  1. Click the button to sign up
  2. Set your personal goal
  3. Challenge your friends and family

When you sign up you’ll receive a t-shirt custom designed with the handprints of the children from the HOME OF HOPE.

You can make your miles go even farther if you ask your friends and family to support you through pledges.

I hope you’ll join us as we ride, run and walk while working together to support these precious children. 


Have fun

Get some exercise

MAKE YOUR MILES COUNT for something bigger than yourself.

Please leave a comment.

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