Heard It On The Radio

We get to do some fun stuff.

This week we visited the studios of KOA Radio in Denver. Jerry Schemmel, radio voice of the Colorado Rockies, interviewed me for his Sunday morning show.

We had a great time telling the story of Rich’s Ride, the FREEDOM TOUR, and the HOME OF HOPE.

Jerry’s an avid cyclist. Among many accomplishments, he and his partner Brad Cooper won the Race Across America in 2015. He’s a guy who really gets the idea of riding for something bigger than himself.

And – he’s going to be in Fort Collins to ride the FREEDOM TOUR Prologue on June 15.

Our conversation will air in a couple of weeks. I’ll post a link when I know date and time.

You can ride with Jerry and our team on June 15. Click here and sign up.

Registration deadline is April 30.

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