Good Brakes

I got a new bike.

I’m excited. It’s really cool. I’ll tell you more later about the details. Today’s sort of a teaser. My new bike, once I get it all adjusted and dialed in, will be faster than the old one. And it has much better brakes.

So I’ll be able to be a little crazier and zoom along quicker than ever. I’ll be able to ride closer to that edge at which a wrong move, a blown tire, or an unexpected maneuver by a distracted motorist might lead to a less-than-desirable outcome. A little less control over what happens.

But…better brakes means I’ll also be able to stop much more quickly. I’ll be able to avoid situations that might have been a disaster on the old bike. So – more control over the outcome.

I think life’s like that. We cruise along pretending we’re in control until something happens and we understand the reality that we’re really not. God’s in control, and that’s a very good thing. He sees the big picture, He isn’t nervous or frightened, and He knows where it’s all going.

However, we do have brakes and a steering wheel. So while we don’t control the outcome, we do have agency. And we’re supposed to use it. Through our efforts you and I can impact, shape, or bend to some degree the arc of our circumstances.

So we’re asked to seek justice, not because we can stop human trafficking or end poverty but because we can make an impact. We can create relationships, foster community and connection, make our circle a bit kinder and gentler.

You and I don’t get to decide the outcome. We do our best to trust God for that, knowing that what we see is a tiny part of what’s happening and He holds it all in His hands.

But the stories we share, the memories we create, the generosity we demonstrate, the relationships we nurture – they shape who we become and the culture that surrounds us.

Doesn’t guarantee a result. Might point us in the right direction.

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