On Hiding Out

I enjoy doing tech stuff.

I know, it’s odd. I like figuring out how to build web pages, edit video, create spreadsheets. All the stuff the makes most folks’ eyes glaze over is my idea of a fun challenge.

It’s all useful, too. We need a high-quality website and compelling video to spread the word about the FREEDOM TOUR. When we don’t pay someone to do those tasks, there’s more money for the kids.

However, all those “fun” activities can easily become a diversion or, even worse, a way to avoid doing the important work. It’s awfully easy, when things become difficult, to retreat into the isolation of my computer screen.

I told you last week I was struggling to write after Monte left us. That lack of ideas, words, and passion has persisted…I just don’t feel like I have anything meaningful to say. But rather than pushing through and sharing the pain, which is a big point of this blog, I’ve suddenly discovered all sorts of “urgent” tech tasks that require my attention.

It’s just a fancy way to hide in plain sight, to look busy while I turn away from the work that matters.

I suspect we do that a lot. More than we want to acknowledge, you and I find ways to look busy, tasks that fill time and distract from what truly matters.

The kids at the HOME OF HOPE probably don’t “feel like” living in an orphanage, but it’s what they have to do to move toward the life of hope and freedom in front of them. The least I can do is to stop playing with computer stuff and get back to work that makes a difference.

What’s your busyness diversion? What do you do when you want to avoid doing what matters?

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