On (to) Wisconsin!

True journeys don’t really end. There are waypoints, opportunities to catch your breath, reflect, and tell stories. Certainly the nature of the path changes at different points along the way, and occasionally there’s a radical turn. But it seems like once you take that initial step the overall journey keeps going. As Becky’s fond of […]

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Capturing Moments

We get to meet some remarkable people. RICH’S RIDE connects us with a lot of talented, generous folks who support our crazy journey. Recently we were honored to spend some time with Julie Ulstrup of Julie Ulstrup Photography. Julie’s a gifted freelance photographer dedicated to “Capturing Moments, Sharing Joy, Creating Memories To Last A Lifetime.” […]

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New Wheels!

We found an early Christmas gift under the RICH’S RIDE Christmas tree. One of our amazing sponsors, Top End Handcycles, hooked us up with a spiffy new set of high-tech wheels. Spinergy wheels are some of the best cycle wheels available. The carbon fiber rims are super light, and the whole system reduces rolling resistance […]

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No Door Busting

Okay, it’s leftover time. And, of course, we now move on to those uniquely American holidays: Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. At this point I feel like I need a big-voice guy shouting about crazy, impossible-to-resist deals. Set your alarm, beat the crowds! Sorry, but that’s just not our style. Frankly, I don’t want […]

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Lucy and Kevin Donaldson have guts. The “red light district” in Delhi, India is six hundred years old. It’s big business, operated by organized crime. The ruthless human traffickers who buy and sell women and children place little value on a single human life aside from the income it can produce. They’re not kind to […]

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Boots On The Ground

We get a rare opportunity Saturday evening. We’ll meet some folks who are “boots on the ground” in the struggle against human trafficking. This summer our Front Range FREEDOM Tour raised money for U COUNT Campaign and their partners at Project Rescue. The FREEDOM Tour team and their supporters donated nearly $7,000 (after all expenses) […]

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