Capturing Moments

We get to meet some remarkable people.

RICH’S RIDE connects us with a lot of talented, generous folks who support our crazy journey. Recently we were honored to spend some time with Julie Ulstrup of Julie Ulstrup Photography.

Julie’s a gifted freelance photographer dedicated to “Capturing Moments, Sharing Joy, Creating Memories To Last A Lifetime.” I’m sure you’ll agree–Julie captured a moment of joy for Monte and me, a memory I’ll cherish forever. In fact, I challenge you to look at this photo without smiling!

Rich Monte smilingAnyone can take snapshots. We asked Julie to capture the spirit of RICH’S RIDE in some images. I think you’ll agree she did exactly that.

Rich Monte RunningOne challenge of our journey is being as professional as possible on a tight budget. As we talked with Julie about what we’re doing and the causes we support, she caught the vision and offered to donate her work and join us as a sponsor.

team bikeUlstrup LogoWe’re honored to welcome Julie Ulstrup Photography as the newest community sponsor of RICH’S RIDE. It’s another example of the kindness and generosity that surrounds all of us.

Thanks, Julie. You made us look good–no small task!

We’re grateful.

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  1. Dick DeCook - January 17, 2014

    Praise God! That’s Awesome!

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