No Door Busting

door busterOkay, it’s leftover time.

And, of course, we now move on to those uniquely American holidays: Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

At this point I feel like I need a big-voice guy shouting about crazy, impossible-to-resist deals. Set your alarm, beat the crowds!

Sorry, but that’s just not our style. Frankly, I don’t want our doors busted anyway.

However, we are a small (non-profit) business. We believe in the message of our books. So we’d like to offer a couple of opportunities to help us spread the word.

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booksShop our store.

Give signed copies of either book as gifts. They’re great stocking-stuffers.

I’ll bet you know someone who’d appreciate an inspirational story about following a dream, overcoming adversity, and moving forward with God’s message of hope and possibility.

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Become a book benefactor.

Those who might benefit most from Rich’s books are often least able to purchase them. You can sponsor distribution of these encouraging, inspiring books to clients at speaking events in drug rehab programs, homeless shelters, disability support groups, disabled veterans, and detention centers.

A while back I spoke to inmates at our county jail. A local business bought books for each inmate, and I’ll never forget the impact a hand-signed book and a handshake seemed to make on those folks. What I didn’t think about was that books tend to have a life of their own, and you never know whose hands they’ll find their way into.

I returned to the same jail a couple of years later and a guy walked up with this tattered old copy of Relentless Grace. Somebody handed it to him the first day he arrived…he wanted me to know how much it helped, how much of a difference it made. I couldn’t help wondering how many hands that book passed through before it reached this man, how many lives it touched. And I wondered about the impact of all the other books we handed out due to one person’s generosity.

If you’d like to become a Book Benefactor, please contact us for information.

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