On (to) Wisconsin!

packersTrue journeys don’t really end.

There are waypoints, opportunities to catch your breath, reflect, and tell stories. Certainly the nature of the path changes at different points along the way, and occasionally there’s a radical turn. But it seems like once you take that initial step the overall journey keeps going.

As Becky’s fond of reminding us: The Journey Of Hope Continues.

So it is with RICH’S RIDE. We’re still recalling great memories from the FREEDOM TOUR, but it’s already time to begin looking down the road to the next adventure.

Wisconsin Hope Tour ’14 will take us on a four week tour around the Badger State in September 2014. We’re excited to take our message of hope and possibility to the state known for cheese heads, dairy products, brats, the Green Bay Packers, and brewed adult beverages.

We’re eager to partner again with our friends at Convoy of Hope. We’ll use the ride to raise awareness about the oppression and injustice of childhood hunger in America and around the world, and offer opportunities to support Convoy of Hope’s work financially.


wisconsin loopOur friend Clark Osborn has graciously offered to host us in the Madison/La Crosse area and arrange as many speaking gigs as he can. As a starting point we’re considering a roughly 500-mile loop—Madison-La-Crosse-Green Bay-Milwaukee-Madison.

As always, we’ll plan routes and riding around speaking opportunities as they arise. It’s always curious to see what God has in mind when we let Him set the agenda.

Click here to see what’s already scheduled.

We invite you to help us share God’s message of hope and possibility. Please contact me to inquire about booking a speaking date. If you know someone in the land of cheese who might help with a speaking engagement, we’d appreciate an introduction and a connection.

In the meantime, someone told me I should get a bike helmet in the shape of one of those cheese head things. Two words.

Absolutely. Not.

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