What’s Exactly The Same

I did my first outdoor ride of 2020 yesterday.

Felt good to remember the sense of fresh breeze, warm sunshine, and straining muscles. After a long winter, after weeks of upheaval, cruising beside a river beginning to swell with spring runoff felt safe and familiar.

So much has changed. It’s easy to wonder if life will ever be normal again.

So much has changed. The beauty of this place remains.

I’m grateful for that reminder. The “everything” that feels so uncertain is short-term. Of course it’s scary. But Jesus is still the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Short-term optimism is not my spiritual gift. In the best of times, I am, by nature, a glass-half-empty guy. My internal lens has made the last few weeks a challenge.

I needed a reminder to keep my eyes on the horizon.

Maybe you need that reminder as well. Maybe we both need to remember that the kingdom is long-term, that Jesus isn’t surprised or scared and He’s still holding it all in His hands.

Perhaps my ride provided what what you and I needed – a reminder that what really matters hasn’t changed at all.

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