Choosing My Issues

Privilege means I get to choose my issues.

No one close to me is poor or food insecure. I can wash my hands with soap and plenty of hot water. Our home is warm, dry, and secure.

So I can decide to pay attention to poverty, hunger, clean water, or homelessness…or I can turn away. Those impacted by those issues don’t have that luxury.

You and I might feel overwhelmed right now. We might feel like we just don’t have the mental bandwidth to pay attention to an issue like human trafficking that doesn’t impact our daily lives.

The kids at the HOME OF HOPE can’t turn away. For them and for their mothers, the horrors of human trafficking are everyday reality. They don’t have the privilege of choosing their issue.

We’re not going to turn away, either. These kids are counting on us, and we intend to do our best. Things might look a bit different, but we plan to ride our bikes and do what we can to bring hope and freedom to these precious children.

Jesus says if I want to see His face, I can seek it among those struggling with the issues my privilege allows me to ignore.

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