Wouldn’t It Be Better?

Ever hear about “speaking up for the voiceless”?

It’s sort of odd, because those “voiceless” people really have the same voices as you and me. Their voices are beautiful. And capable. And worth hearing.

Those voices are intentionally, systematically silenced and repressed. Or they’re simply ignored out of convenience and privilege, because their words and perspective might cause some discomfort.

So yeah, I suppose it’s important for you and me to find the courage to speak up for those who’ve been rendered effectively “voiceless.”

But rather than speaking for them, wouldn’t it be better to use our platform and privilege to help them speak for themselves? To remove the barriers? To offer education and economic opportunity? To understand and address generational poverty?

Wouldn’t it be better to seek justice, to do our best to set things right from God’s perspective? To work sacrificially to take seriously the notion that every person is equally created in God’s image?

And once they’re empowered to speak up, wouldn’t it be better to listen to them? Wouldn’t it be better to learn from their perspective, even if their words make us uncomfortable and challenge our preconceived conclusions?

Wouldn’t it be better to set them free?

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