The Squiggle

What do you see in this image?

Mostly it’s a white background, but if you’re like me you focused on the little black squiqqle.

So, you’ve got this crazy dream. You’re beginning a new project, a new week, a new decade, and you’re ready to follow Jesus. You’re ready to take the next step, to face the fear, to do what you can to seek justice. You’re ready to live as someone fully and unconditionally loved by Jesus.

And the enemy whispers, “Yeah, but…what about that squiqqle?”

YEAH, BUT what about that time you messed up REALLY bad? How can you possibly do anything good when you have THAT in your past? Who do you think you are?”

YEAH, BUT you’re too old. Or too out of shape. Or it’ll cost too much.”

YEAH, BUT is all about fear. And fear zooms in on the squiqqle until you no longer see the infinite sweep of God’s love and grace. You discount the life of freedom and abundance for which Jesus lived and died. All the opportunity, all the hope, all the peace…the entire picture disappears from view.

You’re afraid. You’re staring at the squiqqle.

The culture pushes fear as guilt and shame. Politicians peddle tribalism and fear of the other. Whatever it takes…as long as you’re afraid, as long as the enemy’s got you focused on the squiqqle, he wins.

The squiggle consumes your field of vision. You dissect its details, search for every scripture and Twitter post that confirms your YEAH, BUT.

HOPE changes the lens. When fear zooms in, HOPE zooms out. HOPE zooms out until the squiggle disappears in the vast expanse of God’s love.

HOPE reminds you that God keeps His promises. To forgive. To give “hope and a future” in all circumstances. HOPE sees the big picture. It doesn’t erase the squiggle, it just lets us see it from a kingdom perspective.

On our own, it’s impossible to NOT focus on the squiggle. But…

HOPE changes what’s possible.

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