Imagine being born in a stinky, nasty place surrounded by chaos.

And then imagine, after you survived, powerful political leaders considered you a threat and wanted to kill you.

Our neat little nativity scene is a bit misleading. It wasn’t all rainbows and smiles surrounded by a heavenly glow from the star. It was an emergency birth. In a stable. In an overcrowded town. Surrounded by folks who, along with their animals and belongings, traveled long distances to be counted and taxed under order from a brutal, oppressive regime. And after all that, his parents fled because a petty politician was so threatened by the baby that he murdered every little boy in town.

As I looked at the nativity scene this morning, I thought about the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. Born in a brothel – a stinky, nasty place surrounded by chaos. And even after they’re rescued and moved to a safe, nurturing environment, they’re still in a “politically sensitive” area.

The nativity scene reminds me just how much Jesus identifies with our kids. He said we would find Him among “the least of these,” the poor, the marginalized, those in danger because they threaten insecure power structures.

While we would love to tell you lots of details about the home, we must safeguard the safety of the kids, the staff, and Project Rescue missionaries. We can’t show you their faces or even discuss their location.

However, we can show you their hands. The graphic shows the actual hand prints of the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. Those hands remind us of our purpose. They’re the hands of people forced to live in the shadows. They’re the hands of the least of these.

They’re the hands of Jesus.

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