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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday.

Ever since the turkey settled, we’ve been buried under an avalanche of one-time-only, gotta-hurry-before-they’re gone “bargains.” It’s all marketing, a scheme designed to create a sense of urgency and scarcity. These *holidays* reinforce the perception that there’s not enough for everyone. Better jump in before you’re left out, right?

A few days ago in THE BIG REVEAL we talked about some opportunities to join us as part of FREEDOM TOUR 2020. However, I’m not all that good at marketing, so I didn’t include any hyped-up “deals” to push you into signing up. In fact, I propose an alternative marketing holiday.

Take It Easy Tuesday.

Of course I hope you’ll check out the FREEDOM TOUR events and find a way to join us as we cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking. I hope you’ll ride your bike, or volunteer, or sponsor, or donate. You’ll enjoy being part of this crazy journey, and you’ll feel good about supporting our kids.

I just don’t think we need a false sense of urgency to draw you into this remarkable community.

There are, of course, a few real-world realities.

Early commitment benefits you. Once it’s on the calendar, you’re part of the team – and the story. Preparation, training, and fundraising are long-term processes. You’ll be more relaxed and confident with an early start.

Early sign-up’s help us out. We can plan more effectively when we know who’s coming. So if you plan to join us, please sign up asap.

That pesky end-of-year donation deadline. You need to donate or sponsor before December 31 if 2019 tax deductions are an issue.

Christmas gifts! We have a couple of options.

Give someone the gift of a FREEDOM TOUR registration. Whether it’s the One-Day Prologue or one of our multi-day tours, your gift would provide the opportunity for someone to join an amazing story and support some deserving children.

Rudy Project makes top-line helmets and eyewear, and they’ve partnered with us to offer great deals through December 31. Click here for details and a discount code.

Please click the button below and check out the options. When you find what works for you, we hope you’ll decide to join us. Not because there’s a rush, or because you’ll miss a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but because this is a great story and you want to help us write the next chapter.

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