Remember The Next Step

Which way do we go?

It’s a frequent question as we plan for FREEDOM TOUR 2020. Do we do same-old-same-old or something bold and brand new? It’s like standing at the edge of a cliff staring into an abyss of endless choices. How to decide?

Sometimes we need to look back to find the next step.

We do a lot of remembering at the FREEDOM TOUR. We curate tons of photos, create videos, and celebrate traditions like Hope Rocks. All that retrospection is about a lot more than a bunch of selfies.

I believe God guides the recollection process. As we search these reminders of adventures and relationships, I believe we see signposts and patterns He’s placed there to help us discern next steps.

It’s a scriptural principle. God’s always telling us to remember. An altar here, a story there. The point isn’t piles of stones or individual stories, it’s the recurring themes. Redemption. Faithfulness. Forgiveness. We look back and see those themes, those signs, placed lovingly and strategically by God. They’re not simply to remind us where we were, but to help us see where to go next.

It’s a life principle as well. You look around at where you are and it doesn’t seem to make sense. But if you look back carefully and calmly, patterns and themes start to emerge. And if you project forward from those, you just might come up with something.

As I look back, I think that maybe the details I fuss about might not be the key to moving forward. What seems to matter is relationships, long-term training, an emerging understanding of how to stand for justice by partnering with our kids. If we move in a direction that advances those themes, I’m sure we’ll be on the right track.

There’s no clear map, no book of rules, no decision-making formula. In place of those, Jesus gave us Himself, the chance to know and travel with Him, and an invitation.

“Follow Me.”

2 thoughts on “Remember The Next Step

  1. Jim Klock - September 12, 2019

    Great reminder, Rich. One day at a time….follow Him.

    1. Rich - September 12, 2019

      Yep. Thanks for helping us do that.

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