They’re Waiting

That’s what I’ve learned from the FREEDOM TOUR.

Folks want to be generous. They want to do justice. They want to be part of big, crazy, adventures. They’re waiting for someone to ring a bell or call a meeting. They’re at the line, ready for someone to yell, “Go!”

In 2013, Becky and I hung up a sign at church and invited people to join us on a 500-mile bike ride. We had sort of a fuzzy notion of how it would work, because we did one group bike tour.

Honestly, we were clueless.

Seven cyclists accepted our invitation, 11 people made the first trip. Suddenly we’ve done seven tours. More than 600 cyclists, in excess of $222,000 donated to the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. Countless friendships, lives touched in ways we’ll never know about.

All we really did was yell, “GO!.”

We still don’t quite know what we’re doing. No formal training, no special skills. We just took the first step and resolved to figure it out and learned along the way to trust God for the outcome.

Got a big dream, a big story you want to write with a great team? Just yell, “GO!” and see what happens.

Be prepared. Crazy people may actually join you on the most wonderful adventure you could imagine.

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