Two ways to create a culture.

Method #1: Highlight bad behavior and make a rule. “Don’t do that.”

You see the problem, right? We do it all the time, in reality TV and politics (is there a difference?) and the legal system. Media shines a spotlight on the bully, the creep, the social media troll, and thoughtful folks wonder at the divisiveness.

“Don’t do that” doesn’t matter, because the bully craves attention. Sending her to the principal’s office won’t stop the bullying.

Method #2: Highlight and model the kind of principle-centered culture you seek. Shine the light on generosity and kindness. Relegate bullying behavior (not the bully) to the shadows.

Flowers (and behaviors) grow in the light and wither in darkness. Jesus told us we’re the light of the world.

What if you and I were more intentional about where we shine our light?

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