Day one of the Colorado Mountain Tour.

So far our team has played an intense game of wiffle ball and done a round of show-and-tell. We loaded and unloaded the trailer twice, and shared an amazing dinner catered by our friends in Buena Vista from an amazing organization called BV Hope.

Oh yeah. We rode bikes, too. After all, this is a bike tour.

Friday’s ride was 62 miles from Buena Vista to Breckenridge. The day started with a nice little warm up…The first 15 miles was a climb up 9500 foot Trout Creek Pass.

After the team navigated 20 miles of road work, staffed by some of the friendliest construction workers we’ve ever encountered, we stopped for lunch in Fairplay. That’s when the fun part of the day began.

The road between Fairplay and Breckenridge climbs over 11,500 foot Hoosier pass. This climb begins as a nice friendly incline, but the last half includes some really nasty slopes that challenged even our strongest riders. The descent into Breckenridge features exciting switchbacks and hairpin turns.

Friday ends at a recreation center for showers and swimming, then another wonderful meal provided by our friends at Breckenridge Christian Ministries.

Most folks think bike tours are all about riding bikes. We love cycling, but this tour is about sharing meals and wiffle ball games as much as it’s about climbing mountain passes.

When you’re building relationships, nothing’s superfluous.

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