I might have mislead you.

You’ve read the last two days about a crash and getting lost, and you might think our team is the gang who can’t shoot straight. Truth is, this tour has gone incredibly well.

That’s kind of how it is though, with bike tours and with life. You can go on for miles and miles with everything going well. Then one little thing goes wrong, and that’s what you remember. That’s what makes the headline. And if you’re not careful, you can come away with the idea that the whole thing was a disaster.

This freedom tour team has been amazing. They’re full of great attitudes and smiles. They work well together. It feels to me like each person on the team is really excited to be a part of the story we’re writing about supporting the kids at the home of hope.

I’m not gonna remember this tour for the obstacles. But honestly, I’m probably not gonna remember a whole lot about the bike riding either. What I will remember is a group of folks who really gets it, who really want to follow Jesus and serve something beyond their own self interest.

And bike riding, and in life, you don’t get to be part of something like that all the time.

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