Monday we managed to get lost.

Not quite sure how you get lost on a path you ridden several times before, but we did it. At the end of the day, we wrote it off as a great team building exercise.

When you take off on an adventure like this, you like to think you’ve planned for every possible contingency. You like to think you know every turn on the road and everything that could possibly come up. But that’s not realistic. Besides…that wouldn’t really be much of an adventure.

Today’s word-of-the-day was promise. Before we started we talked about God’s promise to never leave us or forsake us. We reminded ourselves that no matter what happens, God’s promises to always be with us.

He didn’t promise an obstacle free journey. He didn’t promise the journey would be free of detours, missing signs, or potholes. His promise was that when we encountered those things, he’d be with us.

That’s about a lot more then riding bikes through Denver.

An update on yesterday’s blog. Gary’s at home and resting fairly comfortably. Injury nowhere near as bad as it could’ve been considering how hard he fell. So we miss him, but we’re grateful he’s safe.

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