Don’t Be George

George Costanza had a strategy.

Actually, Seinfeld’s quirky sidekick had many strategies. George was constantly spouting a philosophy of life, dating, or friendship. He spent most of his time explaining why his life was in chaos. George was more interested in rationalizing his incompetence than in addressing it.

George’s overarching strategy, I think, might be captured in two words.

Lower expectations.

Instead of trying to do better, George figured life would be less stressful if he could make sure others expected as little of him as possible. After all, people can’t be disappointed if they didn’t expect much to begin with.

I think we approach God the same way – at least I do. I’m just little-old-broken-down-messed-up me. Surely He doesn’t expect much from a pile of junk, right?

Except…We were created in His image, and God’s most basic purpose for you and me is to become more like Jesus.

Doesn’t mean we’re supposed to wear sandals and wander from village to village.

For me, it means I don’t get to turn away and pretend little-old-me can’t do anything about human trafficking. It means I don’t get to use I’m-in-a-wheelchair to avoid doing what I CAN do. It means I need to remember that God doesn’t see me as a crippled guy who can’t do stuff.

The woman at the well tried George’s strategy of lowering expectations. After all, she was only a woman, and a Samaritan! But Jesus helped her use her story to change an entire town. And transform her life.

Where are you trying to lower Jesus’ expectations?

Don’t be George.

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