What’s Possible?

Two ways to assess an opportunity.

I told you a few days ago I fussed about buying my new bike for a couple of years. Put it off, looked for every excuse to say NO, all the reasons it wouldn’t work.

That’s the fear side. What will it cost? What are the obstacles? What could go wrong? What will people think? What are all the reasons to slow down and take a long, careful look.

There’s another assessment, though.

What does this make possible?

If we do this, what doors will open? What more will we be able to do that advances the mission?

This is the hope side. It says the new bike might help us expand our sense of community. It wonders more what the FREEDOM TOUR might accomplish, what we might do better, if I’m able to ride more with the team.

Hope wonders where the dream might lead with the help of this new tool.

My new bike is either an unnecessary, frivolous toy – or a marvelous portal into new ways to follow the dream.

How do you assess your dream?

Fear? Or. Hope?

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