The FREEDOM TOUR made a quick trip to Iowa.

Bike World is an enormous Trek bike dealer with amazing personal service. Owned and operated by two generations of the Ridgeway family, they’ve been a great friend to the FREEDOM TOUR.

So Becky’s cruising around the Des Moines bike trails getting her new bike all dialed in. I’m getting hints about making my e-bike more efficient while I tap out these words and gaze at the biggest collection of bikes I’ve ever seen.

Just a month until June 15 and a gathering of more than a hundred folks for the one-day Prologue. A week later the Front Range Tour kicks off, and a month after that we’ll be cranking around the Colorado Mountain Tour.

All of it around a community of folks who just like to ride bikes and enjoy doing it for something more than miles. A couple dozen kids living free from slavery…that’s God’s big story.

I’m struck by how many people this thing involves, how far it reaches, how many places it’s touched.

Even Iowa.

Not too late to join us.

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