Are You Religious?

Yes, you are.

Someone said, “I’m not religious.” I understand the meaning, but it’s not really true.

Whether they realize it or not, each person is engaged in a two-way conversation. God is speaking, revealing Himself through scripture, through other people, and through His creation. Religion is simply our response. How we respond indicates what we worship.

So if “religious” means Organized Religion, Cultural Christianity with all its rules and structures and political entanglements…I’m not religious either. My religion, my response to God’s revelation, is to follow Jesus.

We don’t do the FREEDOM TOUR, the fundraising, the community, even supporting the kids, because it makes us feel good. We don’t do it to impress people. Those are good things, but we don’t want to worship them.

We do this stuff for one simple reason. We’re doing what we can to follow Jesus. That’s our religion. That’s who we seek to worship.

Ever wonder whether you’re “religious” because you have issues with organized religion? Good to remember: Jesus stood opposed to the religious leaders of His time. He cared a lot about the poor and the orphans and not much about rules, structures, control, and coercion.

No much has changed.

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