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About Lines

It seems lots of folks are drawing lines these days. Everywhere I look I see lines about US and THEM. Here’s the line: you’re either on my side, or the wrong side. Those who draw them are certain they’re absolute, true, and righteous, but in fact they’re mostly opinions transformed into hard-and-fast rules, unnecessary false […]

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Did You Ever Cram For A Test?

You can’t cram for life. We all did it at some point. We put off studying for the exam and deluded ourselves into believing we could cram it all into an all-nighter. It doesn’t work. Learning, training, and following Jesus are long-term deals. Building character, growing communities, developing relationships, accumulating wisdom—the things that matter are […]

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Who Guides The Dream?

Dreams are pretty resilient. I think God wants us to try stuff with our dreams. He wants us to take risks, push boundaries, and face fears. Following dreams isn’t about being safe. But there’s one thing about your dream that needs to be carefully guarded. Biking time is thinking and listening time for me. I’ve […]

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Are You Disabled?

“How do you avoid repeating the cycle of despair?” It’s perhaps the most insightful question we heard on our recent tour, and it came up several times. Like most really good questions, I’m not sure I had a simple answer. Makes sense, though. When you describe a journey that resonates with so many folks, a […]

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