About Enough

I don’t usually think of myself as affluent.

I’m learning, though, that wealth is a relative notion, and by rest-of-the-world standards I live in overwhelming abundance. A huge majority of the world’s population would consider it a wonderful upgrade to live in my garage.

I don’t know exactly what to do with that knowledge. I’m grateful. I hope I’m a reasonable steward of the gifts with which I’m blessed. I’m pretty sure I can do better.

If nothing else, events of the last couple of years have powerfully impressed one fact upon me. Evidence shines a bright light on an undeniable and rapidly expanding gap between exploding wealth of a small portion of humanity and escalating economic plight of the majority.

Not making a value judgement, but this awareness causes me to ask a personal question:

What’s “enough?”

And once I reach “enough,” do I simply keep accumulating? Do I kick back and enjoy? However I define enough, what do I do when I get beyond it?

I don’t have answers, but they’re important questions.

And this seems like an especially good time to ask.

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