A Key Question

What’s the goal?

With a few inches of snow slowing autumn cycling, now’s a good time to go back to basics. As we plan for FREEOM TOUR 2021, what are we actually trying to accomplish?

It’s the time when I’m tempted to envision a bigger tour with tons of riders. Because more is better, right?

Well, maybe. If bigger numbers helps accomplish the goal, then great. But we’re back to the original question.

What’s the goal?

“Popular” is a fine goal, as long as we understand the choices required to get there. As soon as I write that, though, I realize we’re seeking something different.

We raise funds for kids rescued from human trafficking, and we accomplish that by building community. Of course we care about the numbers, but numbers aren’t the primary motivation behind our decisions.

Once I say that, write it and live with it and make sure it’s right, I get some clarity about some of my choices.

Would I like bigger numbers? Let’s be honest. We all hope to be popular. We all hope lots of people will join our cause. But I don’t want to make “popular” choices.

I want to make choices the help us build a strong, cohesive community based on following Jesus.

You probably don’t lead a bike tour, but you have influence in your family, at work, at church, among friends and in your neighborhood. You make lots of choices between “popular” and other goals.

It’s easy to gravitate to the popular choice or to automatically reject it. Maybe, before you decide, it’s important to ask a question.

What’s the goal?

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