We Did It!

When we launched the HOPE & FREEDOM CHALLENGE, Becky said our goal should be 50,000 miles.

I’m all for big dreams, but I didn’t think we’d accumulate more than three round trips to and from the HOME OF HOPE in south Asia.

All summer we’ve watched the miles pile up. Folks ran through mid-western heat and humidity, walked past devastation from an Iowa derecho, cycled despite stinky wildfire smoke. Day after day, mile after mile, all to be part of a story bigger than themselves.

But, if I’m honest, for most of the summer I quietly figured we’d fall short. I mentally planned for that encouraging “nice-try” message to let us down easy.

O ye of little faith!

So here we are, 50,000+ and still going. People are out there walking, running and cycling, working toward individual goals or blasting past them, building fitness and strength and commitment one mile at a time.

For some this extended already-existing exercise routines. Others, though, started fitness habits that I hope will continue…a not-insignificant side benefit of the sweat and sacrifice.

We’ll never know the total impact, but we believe God uses and multiplies every mile, and every dollar, in ways beyond our understanding. We know lives changed with every step and pedal crank.

Speaking of dollars – we raised a LOT of financial support for the kids at the HOME OF HOPE. We’ll have some almost-final numbers for you on Monday (8/31) along with that big announcement we’ve been teasing.

Amazed. Overwhelmed. Grateful.

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