Be Like Mike

My friend Mike took his HOPE ROCK on a trip.

He’s working on a bucket-list item to ride his bike in all 50 states. During a 9-day stretch in early July, Mike and his HOPE ROCK did 177 strategically-chosen miles of cycling in 14 different states!

Like many of his FREEDOM TOUR teammates, Mike carries his HOPE ROCK in his bike jersey. This small bit of extra weight serves as a constant reminder of the burden carried by victims of human trafficking.

Bucket lists are great. Cycling is a wonderful way to see new areas from a different perspective. But Mike wanted his trip to be about something bigger than himself.

He wanted to share hope.

He wants you, and me, and everyone who sees his pictures, to remember that God keeps His promises. He wants us to remember that Jesus holds the kids at the HOME OF HOPE in His hands and cares for them. Always has. Always will.

Same for you and me.

+ + +

Want to Be Like Mike? If you have a HOPE ROCK, share your picture on social media with one of these hashtags: #hoperocks #hopeandfreedomchallenge #projectrescue And send your pics to me ( so we can compile and highlight them.

Don’t have a HOPE ROCK? Click the link, get one for yourself and perhaps a couple to share with someone who could use a bit of hope right now.

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