Get Going!

Occasionally I need a reminder.

I suppose we could gather as many cyclists and supporters as possible, and ask them where we should go. Take a poll, pick the most popular option, and spend a bunch of energy building consensus. Of course, some folks won’t agree. Either they’ll decide to drop out or they’ll be unhappy, reluctant participants.


Announce the mission in advance. Be clear about what we’re doing, where we’re going…and why. And then, at the appointed time, get moving with those who show up.

Sometimes I forget. I forget that the FREEDOM TOUR isn’t about numbers. Success isn’t measured by how many or how much.

Success, for us, is about obedience, doing what we sincerely believe we’re asked to do. It’s about working together, doing our best, and trusting God for the outcome.

The FREEDOM TOUR is a community of folks trying to follow Jesus and support one another as we grow in faith. We cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking.

That’s where we’re going. We’re doing our best to serve those who decide to join us.

Doesn’t mean you and I shouldn’t seek guidance, ask advice, talk to God. Figuring out the mission is a critical step.

But once we know, I’m not sure God wants us to wait around for the right people. I don’t think He wants us to compromise just to get more people on board. Once we know where He wants us to go, I think He wants us to get moving.

And trust Him to direct and shape the journey.

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