The Difference Between Good And Good Guys

Last time we talked about the home team and good guys.

It’s fun to cheer for the home team. Our cyclists enjoy wearing FREEDOM TOUR jerseys and being part of a great circle of committed, passionate people. We like being the good guys. We’re also really clear that uniforms are just for fun. Folks wearing other jerseys aren’t bad guys.

Most of what separates my team from yours is silly stuff. What we wear. How we talk. Our music. In sports and games, those divisions create enjoyment and diversion. We get to play make-believe for a few hours, cheer the heroes and boo the villains.

Too often, though, you and I carry that mentality into places it doesn’t belong.

Those who dress, think, or worship differently aren’t bad guys.

We shouldn’t negotiate TRUTH and FACTS. Facts are always facts, truth is always true. Opinions, no matter how strong. don’t change that.

But I won’t make you into a bad guy if we have differing opinions.

I believe some notions with all my being. Nothing, no one, will EVER shake my faith in those core beliefs. While I’d love to have you share my faith and I welcome the opportunity to explain what it’s about, I certainly won’t force it on you.

And I won’t make you into a bad guy because you choose to believe differently.

I certainly don’t claim to always know every answer. At the margins, reasonable people can discuss and disagree. I hope we’re always open to listen and learn from other perspectives. When I’m wrong, I hope you’ll show me and I’ll apologize.

We’d do much better if we stopped dividing the world into good guys and bad guys. Jesus said when we do that sort of judging, we’re judged by the same measure. He said we should leave the judging to Him.

Except the FREEDOM TOUR. We’re good guys.

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