Last week I told you about our interview with Jerry Schemmel.

On his show “Amazing Americans,” Jerry talks to incredible people who’ve done some remarkable things. I encourage you to check out the lineup and listen to some past episodes.

I’m humbled, and actually a little embarrassed, to be included in such a group. Jerry’s synopsis of our conversation (read it here) helped a little. I was struck by his opening sentence.

“This is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.”

He’s right. I’m about as ordinary as it gets. But maybe we’re all just ordinary people, or we’re all remarkable, amazing, individuals.

My Point?

Each of us has a story. Our story, if we’re willing to share it, has real power to impact the trajectories of those around us. We’re each given the ability to change the world in significant ways.

It’s not about seeking to be an outstanding person. It’s about getting to work and doing something that matters.

Our interview airs Sunday, May 5 at 8:00 AM MT, on KOA Radio in Denver. You can stream it live or catch it later here.

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