If They Only Knew…

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…they’d do something about it, right?

If people really understood what these kids endured, really truly got it, they’d have no choice. So that’s the goal: awareness. We gotta make sure everyone knows. Because once they know, they’ll do something.

Not so fast, my friend.

Smoking causes cancer. And millions – including both of my parents – continue to die horrible, smoking-caused deaths.

Seat belts save lives, and everyone knows it, and recent stats show seat belt use declining in Colorado.

Awareness matters. Once you know, you can’t say you didn’t know. But awareness isn’t action. The seat belt’s just a decoration until you reach across and click it.

Shaking our heads at the horrors of children bought and sold for sex is nice. And safe. And changes nothing.

Change requires action. Decision. Movement. Risk. Investment. Sweat.

Jesus didn’t invite us to simply condemn injustice from the sidelines. He invited us to follow Him. Life with Jesus is a on a journey of standing for justice.

The FREEDOM TOUR journey is about riding bikes and loading trailers and supporting a couple dozen kids who were destined for a horrible life of sexual slavery and now have the freedom God intended for them. Knowing wasn’t enough, though. The folks on our team clicked the chain ring and signed up.

You know, too.


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